The Marquee Loop: Low rates with Brokers

Why can mortgage brokers offer you lower rates than your bank?!

There are several advantages by working with a mortgage broker, but we’ll focus solely on why mortgage brokers should always be able to provide their borrowers with the lowest rate.


  • Brokers are approved to do business with multiple wholesale lenders. These wholesale lenders are in the business solely to acquire mortgages from mortgage brokers.These wholesale lenders have no sales teams so they rely on mortgage brokers to provide mortgage loan volume. Wholesale lenders offer lower rates than traditional banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers thus, mortgage brokers have access to these lower rates.
  • Certain mortgage brokers who produce significant loan volume, can use that volume as leverage to negotiate even more favorable rates for their borrowers.
  • Mortgage brokers typically have lower overhead which in turn allows them to charge less than the typical bank, credit union or mortgage banker.

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