• One word, Exceptional. April of last year I started working with Randy and in May sign a sales contract on a new build. throughout the whole process, Randy and Diane are truly the best, Randy was always there for me whenever I had a question, see, this is my first house purchase and it Was the most successful purchase I’ve ever completed in my life. Thank you Randy and Diane. you guys are phenomenal at what you do.πŸ˜€

    β€” Veteran Tyrone Anderson, Facebook Review

  • Keith was so kind & straight to the point, this was definitely one of the easiest loans we have obtained. Diane was extremely efficient and friendly. Overall a great experience & definitely will use them again in future & recommend them to others.

    β€” Nikki M., Facebook review

  • Working with Justin was amazing. He communicated at each step and kept me informed as we moved through the process. Justin was responsive and ensured that everything was set. Justin was able to answer any and all questions that I had and explained things so that I could understand. I appreciate how efficient and smoothly the process went!
    Thank you!!

    β€” Marcy W., Facebook testimonial

  • First time home buyer here πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ me and my boyfriend had so many questions and Justin was able to keep us updated; while providing detailed answers. He made it clear that he was just a text or phone call away even on weekends! His availability and flexibility helped a ton. Connie responded quickly and was very personable. Overall we had a great team and a beautiful experience, we won’t ever forget.

    β€” Neisha K., Facebook Review

  • As 1st time home buyers we initially started with another mortgage company and weren’t very pleased. When we received a recommendation for Marquee Mortgage LLC, our entire buying experience shifted for the best!
    Rick, Justin and Connie were amazing to work with! Our schedules are pretty hectic but there was always one of them available to contact to ask our questions and get all the explanations and answers we needed. It was always a great experience communicating with them, truly felt cared for.
    To top it off the rate we received was better than the initial mortgage company we had started with. Our realtor even shared that working with Marquee Mortgage for the first time was both a pleasurable and smooth experience.
    We recommend Marquee Mortgage LLC for their service, expertise and truly making the home buying experience as smooth as it can be!!
    Thank you Rick, Justin & Connie for everything!!!

    β€” Anastasia K., Facebook Review

  • Being new to Arizona, we were unsure of a mortgage company to go with. We used Marquee as they were recommended by our builder. We were glad we did. Justin was a pleasure to work with. He kept us informed through the entire process.If I had questions, he would always answer my call and question no matter the time of day. If he didn’t hear from me for a while, he would call me to see if I had questions or just to keep us updated.
    Connie was great to work with also. She kept us up to date through the process.
    Thank you all for a smooth and seamless transaction.

    β€” Rob Briggs, Facebook review

  • It’s been a long time coming getting the home of our dreams, Justin with Marquee Mortgage stayed with us throughout the whole journey. Justin and everyone involved, kept us up to date with everything. My wife and I never went uninformed, nor misinformed.

    I would highly recommend anyone that’s shopping for a mortgage company to put Marquee at the top of the list.

    Thanks again, Justin,and Marquee for making our dream a reality!

    β€” Jimmy H., Google Review

  • This is our first time buying a home and I have heard so many horror stories on the whole process. We searched around at different lenders and weren’t too pleased. We decided to go through one of our home builder’s preferred lenders who works with VA loans, Marquee Mortgage was whom we chose and they made our home buying a stress free, awesome first time experience. We had Justin Jean and Connie Giordano and they were great at communicating and explaining every detail with us, going over closing disclosures, etc., answering all our questions no matter how many times we may have asked the same question. They truly made the process extremely easy and relatively pain free, for a home buying experience. We would highly recommend them to friends and family!

    β€” Angelique B., Google Review

  • Marquee Mortgage was phenomenal during our home buying adventure. We had Justin Jean and Connie Giordano, as our loan officer and processor, and they were great at communicating and explaining every detail with us, easing our minds (as this was our first home mortgage), going over closing disclosures, etc. they made the process extremely easy and relatively pain free, for a home buying experience. We would highly recommend them to friends and family!

    β€” Bart B. Google Review

  • We had an incredible experience working with Keith at Marquee Mortgage. Keith was always available to answer questions. He followed up and kept us up to date on important details as we went through the process. It is very clear he knows what he is doing. Diane also was very helpful and efficient with paperwork and requests. They made the whole process very easy and actually pleasant. I would definitely recommend them. Thank you Marquee!

    β€” Bradley C., Zillow Review

  • Awesome Experience!

    Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Keith was great throughout the entire process. My wife and I were relocating from CO to AZ, Keith was always accessible, answered all our questions when they arose and made the entire lending process a surprisingly pleasant experience. A huge thank you to Keith and his team for helping us make our AZ dream a reality!


    β€” B. Letsche, Zillow Review

  • I just closed on a house with a somewhat complex mortgage and Connie, Rick and Justin were there for me every step of the way – I couldn’t have done it without them. I highly recommend this team!

    β€” Cathy C., Google Review

  • I am a first time home buyer and had no idea what I was doing. My original lender was Wells Fargo, but my builder required me to get 2 estimates to claim a credit towards closing. I gave Keith a call, and instantly realized he was my man and immediately changed my lender to Marquee.

    Keith made the entire home buying experience easy. Answered all of my novice questions, and was there every step of the way.

    I cannot recommend them enough and I look forward to working with Keith and team again in the further!

    β€” Jeff H., Google Review

  • We worked with Justin and he was wonderful! Helped us through the process and in a quick and timely manner. He gave us feedback on what he think our best option is and best deal.

    β€” Emmie V., Google Review

  • Randy and Diane made our financing smooth and effortless with the combination of online and in person closing, I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

    β€” Ken M.

  • We had a great experience with Marquee Mortgage as first time homebuyers. Justin was communicative, knowledgeable, and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

    β€” Corbin D., Google Review

  • As a first time home buyer I worked with Keith and Diane. Keith was very helpful in many ways, informative, and knowledgeable. He made buying a home possible by believing in us and working with my husband and I closely to reach end goal. Diane was a pleasure working with as well. I would definitely recommend the both of them if you or anyone is taking on the journey with purchasing a home.

    β€” Alicia S.

  • A true five star experience with everyone at Marquee Mortgage. We had a multitude of questions and they were always very responsive, including contacts over the weekend and well past normal hours. Rick, Justin and Diane are truly delightful individuals to work with. Grateful we chose them and for the very good rate they secured for us.

    β€” Sean Cleary, Google Review

  • Justin, Rick and Connie were absolutely incredible. They communicated and walked me through the entire process, hit the deadlines, and were extremely knowledgeable. Cannot thank you guys enough!

    β€” Rachel Eidelman, Zillow Review

  • This is the second time I have bought a home and first time in Arizona. My realtor recommended Rick and Justin from Marquee mortgage. I spent 3 days doing my due diligence comparing 4 other lenders because I didn’t do this the first time around and regretted it. I could not have asked for a better experience overall! I was more informed from Justin and Rick than my first experience buying a house. They held my hand the entire way. Talked to me after normal business hours and were super responsive at all times. I couldn’t have asked for a better business partner in buying my house.

    β€” Tia Salemi, Zillow Review

  • If you are looking for a team that goes above and beyond to meet your needs this is exactly the team you need. We had a complicated VA loan process, we were at our wits end before switching over to this team and they exceeded our expectations within a matter of days. This is the dream team that everyone needs when buying or refinancing.

    β€” Sarah and Cate, Zillow Review

  • Rick is incredible. He is a no nonsense lender who exceeds all of our expectations.his mortgage company has a been referred to many of my friends and business associates with remarkable success and high praise. He knows the market and helps his clients obtain the best deal possible. They are really there! Not just some irritating web site with non English speaking scammers that tirelessly waste my time and pollute my devices. Phone calls are answered promptly. No hidden fees. His staff is always available from picking up documents from my home, title company and notary service from my home. Lowered monthly payments and interest. Total trust. We highly recommend this mortgage company for everyone.

    β€” Jeffery Kelly, Zillow Review

  • We did a refinance with Marquee Mortgage. What a great experience! We worked with Rick and Connie, and they took great care to make sure that everything got done correctly and went smoothly. Can’t imagine working with anyone else after seeing what a fantastic job this group did.- Luke

    We couldn’t have asked for a smoother refi experience! We were fortunate to work with Connie and Rick at Marquee during the initial purchase of our home, and since they made the first experience so easy for us, it was a no-brainer that we would return to them for the refi! Justin, Connie and Rick guided us each step of the way, we SO appreciated their patience and knowledge throughout the process. If you have any mortgage or refinance needs, don’t hesitate to call them!- Sara

    β€” Bader Family, Google Review

  • Randy and Connie were awesome! They made my process so seamless and responded to all of my questions in a timely manner. I strongly recommend this team and want to truly thank them for this amazing experience!

    β€” Courtney Mathis, Google Review

  • We sold our home about 6 mos. prior to closing on our new build. During that time, Keith and his team at Marquee Mortgage were there to answer all of our questions and guide us along the way. As our closing date approached, Marquee Mortgage made sure we had the best rates available along with all the information we needed to make the best decisions. We were fortunate to be introduced to this team by our builder, and we’re happy to recommend them to anyone looking into financing a new home! Thank you, Marquee Mortgage!

    β€” Art Schneider, Google Review