The Marquee Loop: General Housing Trends in AZ

Read Below about the latest insight on housing trends.

General housing trends in Arizona:
  1. Home prices have been rising: In recent years, home prices in Arizona have been increasing steadily. According to Zillow, the median home value in Arizona is currently around $380,000.
  2. High demand for housing: There is a high demand for housing in Arizona due to factors such as a growing population, job opportunities, and a desirable climate.
  3. Low inventory: There is currently a shortage of homes available for sale in Arizona, which has contributed to rising home prices.
  4. Urbanization: Many areas in Arizona are experiencing urbanization, as more people move into cities and urban centers.
  5. New construction: There is a lot of new construction happening in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area, to meet the demand for housing.
  6. Rental market: The rental market in Arizona is also strong, with high occupancy rates and rising rents in many areas.

Overall, the housing market in Arizona is currently competitive for both buyers and renters due to high demand and low inventory, and home prices are likely to continue rising in the near future.