Marquee Madness: Real Estate Agents

Are you in need of a fresh start with a brand new real estate agent for the New Year? If so, then continue reading below.


Real Estate agents serve their clients as the backbone of the buying/selling process. It’s important to work with the right agent, especially in this challenging local housing market. We’ve worked with hundreds of real estate agents in the valley over the past 10 years, we’ve listed below what we believe are the traits and habits that make for a good and successful real estate agent.

  • An ability to negotiate
  • Having an impressive network of connections, including: strong lender partnerships, handymen, title companies & property inspectors
  • Integrity
  • Strong communication skills
  • Determination & Self-motivation
  • Having a problem solving mindset


At Marquee, we have a proven track record of working well with all types of agents. No matter what the circumstance, we make sure to communicate and execute so all parties are aware of the status of the transaction at every point in the process.

During the past 15 years, we have identified a group of agents that have demonstrated repeatedly all the traits and skills that we’ve listed above. We are happy to share these exceptional agents, so if need be please reach out to Rick or Keith for an agent referral.

*Marquee Mortgage LLC, is an independent, full service broker specializing in purchase money loans, refinances and creative lending solutions.