Marquee Madness: Low Interest Rates

Want to know the secret to finding the lowest mortgage interest rate?

In a few words, work with a reputable and experienced mortgage broker. One of the most important functions that a reliable mortgage broker performs, is the ability to shop multiple investors in order to obtain the lowest available rate for every single borrower. Because each of the broker’s investors produce their own daily rate sheet, a broker can identify the absolute lowest rate on any given day for each of their borrowers. Investor rate sheets vary for several reasons, not the least of which is due to loan volume commitments that they have made in the secondary market. Basically, some investors put rates on sale in order to attract loan volume from their respective mortgage broker partners.

Obviously having a lower mortgage interest rate is going to save you thousands of dollars, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. There are other benefits for borrowers who work with brokers as well. Some of these benefits include helping borrowers find loans that match their specific needs, offering them access to a variety of loan products and giving them excellent service. But make no mistake, one of the most important advantages working with a mortgage broker is to save you money and scouring the marketplace for the lowest rate will certainly do that.

*Marquee Mortgage LLC, is an independent, full service broker specializing in purchase money loans, refinances and creative lending solutions.